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Spiral Round Ductwork System

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Rectangular Ductwork System

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Grilles and Diffusers

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Spiral Round Ductwork System

Material Savings - Our spiral lock seam is self-reinforcing, making it lightweight, so you can save on duct hangers.

Manpower Savings - Lighter weight means our spiral ducts are easier to install, that result to lower labor cost.

Energy Savings - We can produce Spiral Ducts with maximum length of 9.0 meters, meaning the possibility of air leak factor for your ducting is greatly lessen.

Better Indoor Air Quality - Since round ducts have no corners, the accumulated dust inside the ducting system will be very minimal.

Beautiful - Our spiral duct system is aesthetically pleasing. We stitch weld our round duct fittings with low fusion process that makes look nice without burn marks, that makes look nice and prevent corrosion.

SMACNA and Eurovent Standards - Conforms to the local and international standards set forth by the world's top HVAC organizations.

Round Ductwork System

Round Ducts

Round Fittings


TDC Rectangular Ductwork System

Strong and Rigid - Combining Transverse Duct Connections(TDC) with our latest "Z-bead" profile sheets translates to ducts with less vibration.

Consistent Quality - Our duct fittings use CNC plasma cut parts and are machine fabricated, resulting to products with higher precision and standards.

High Output - We utilize German automated coil line technology that incorporate multiple fabrication processes into just one operation to increase our rectangular duct production capacity.

High Quality Raw Materials - We use standard gauge materials to create products with better durability.

Faster Delivery - We commit to our delivery date. Outsource your fabrication needs to us so that you can have less operational headaches, less unexpected costs, less delays, less site space restrictions, and less manpower overhead.

Rectangular Ductwork System

Rectangular Duct

Rectangular Fittings


Air Terminals

CNC Machine Pressed - Our CNC benders gives our products the smooth even folds and exact angles that is consistent throughout.

Profile Uniformity - Likewise, our CNC shears measure and cut out the precise dimensions for every part of our grilles and diffusers all the time.

Oven Baked Painting - Visually pleasing automative lacquer enamel finish to make sure your grilles' or diffusers' beauty does not fade over time.

Made-to-Order Sizes - Give us a measurement, and we shall comply and custom fabricate according to your exact specifications.

Grilles and Diffusers

Plenum Boxes

Grilles & Diffusers


Other Products And Services

Spiral Group Inc. provides total HVAC Ducting Solutions, plus other services that may complement your needs.

  • Duct Insulation
  • Flexible Ducts
  • Hangers and Clamps
  • Corner Angles
  • TDC Clips
  • Bolts and Nuts
  • Neoprene Gaskets

  • Laser & CNC Plasma Cutting Services
  • Coil Slitting Services
  • C & Z Purlins
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication

Accessories and Services


Duct Accessories



Spiral Group, Inc.

About the company

SPRIAL GROUP, INC. has been a leading provider of air distribution systems for the HVAC industry in the Philippines since 1997. As a proud pioneer and market innovator, we take pride in being the sole dedicated duct manufacturer in the country, catering to all ducting needs such as round ducts, rectangular ducts, and duct accessories.

Our comprehensive range of products caters to the diverse needs of contractors and end users, from ducting for A/C units, plant and office ventilation, kitchen exhaust systems, void formers for civil works, dust and particle collection for manufacturers, to interior design.

Our products meet the stringent standards set by renowned industry organizations such as and . Through our continuous product development, we have expanded our offerings to include the fabrication of Air Terminals, encompassing grilles, diffusers, louvers, and volume dampers.

Continuously driven by research and innovation, we strive to exceed customer expectations by delivering the finest HVAC fabrication solutions tailored for the Filipino people.

With our cutting-edge technology and team of highly skilled professionals, Spiral Group, Inc. guarantees unparalleled quality and remains dedicated to providing nothing but the best to our valued customers.



To provide the best air distribution systems to our clients through Innovation, Service and Dedication to Excellence.


To be the leading company in Air Handling Systems in the Philippines.


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